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  1. Interior Painting with the Best Customer Service in Fort Collins

    Distinct Painting operates in the Fort Collins, Loveland area of Northern Colorado. We offer interior painting, exterior painting, wood staining, and work on existing homes as well as new construction/restoration projects.   We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of customer service in all areas of our work. Work is Guaranteed We offer an 8 year warranty on your painting jobs. Our wa…Read More

  2. Your Loveland Painting Company Debunks Common Color Myths

    Whether your friend is trying to convince you that a painting your kitchen red will increase your appetite or your mother in law is convinced that painting your bedroom blue will help you sleep better, everyone out there has their own opinions when it comes to design and no one is shy about sharing. As a Loveland Painting Company, we hear a lot of common misconceptions about color and we're here t…Read More

  3. High Quality House Painting in Fort Collins

    Founded in late 2007, we at Distinct Painting, Co. are far from amateur status. We started in Loveland and have grown to include the rest of Northern Colorado. We have high standards for our house painting work in the Fort Collins area. Our vision is to share our experience and expertise with you. 100% customer satisfaction is mandatory for us.…Read More

  4. Painters Doing More than Just Paint in Ft. Collins, CO

    Staining and custom wood finishes need a special touch. Not only are we the number one painters in Ft. Collins but we do staining, varnishing, and refinishing. We take every project seriously and with loads of passion. Restoration is another thing we excel in. We are certified in renovation, repair, and painting.…Read More

  5. House Painting Can't Get Better in Northern Colorado

    Awards are important to look for. We've got an awesome one ourselves. Angie’s List bestowed on us the Super Service Award in 2012. House painting in Northern Colorado is the best place to go when you look for quality. Free estimates are available over the phone or online.…Read More

  6. Amazing House Painting Around Fort Collins

    Like a company that stands by their work? We at distinct Painting, Co. strive to guarantee our work 100%. Not only that, but we also have an 8 year warranty. So, if you’re looking for great house painting in the Fort Collins area, check us out. You can even get a quote online for free!…Read More

  7. Painters of Ft. Collins- We Know What's What

    You don’t have to be an activist to want to help the environment. At Distinct Painting, we totally get that. Our painters in Ft. Collins do all we can to stay green. We recycle all of our paint cans and all packaging material. We strive to make every job as eco-friendly as possible.…Read More

  8. House Painting in Northern Colorado

    Are you looking for painters? Interior or exterior, we do it all. House painting in Northern Colorado is here to make sure you get what you need. Not interested in a paint job? Don’t worry! We also do staining, wood finish, varnishing and refinishing.…Read More

  9. For Collins House Painting- Completely Green

    Are you trying to go green? Looking for house painting in Fort Collins that feels the same way? We feel the exact same way! Here at Distinct Painting we only use lead-safe paints. It’s fitting to say that our company is as green as today’s holiday.…Read More

  10. Premier Painters of Ft. Collins

    Being the premier painters in Ft. Collins is a lot of work. And we absolutely love it. We at Distinct Painting Co. are super confident in our work. So confident that our work will look good and last, that we have an 8 year warranty. Why wouldn't you trust a company like that?…Read More

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