Whether your friend is trying to convince you that a painting your kitchen red will increase your appetite or your mother in law is convinced that painting your bedroom blue will help you sleep better, everyone out there has their own opinions when it comes to design and no one is shy about sharing. As a Loveland Painting Company, we hear a lot of common misconceptions about color and we’re here to shed some light on those today.

  • Blue is a soothing color. The truth is that it depends on the shade of blue. There are obviously shocking shades of blue that would not be very soothing. However, Robin’s egg blue, pale turquoise shades, and deep indigo colors will mellow out a room and are ideal if you’re trying to create a relaxed mood.
  • You should avoid specific, taboo color combinations like pink and orange. This is simply a dated idea. There are plenty of color combinations that were once taboo but can actually be fun. If you’re looking to add an element of energy and visual tension, combine colors that don’t blend seamlessly – even if you’re only adding pops of color here and there in an otherwise neutral room.
  • If you paint your ceiling a darker color, it will make the ceiling appear lower. In actuality, if you take the right approach you can actually make your ceiling seem taller.
  • Don’t paint your walls dark because it will make your room feel smaller. This isn’t always true, either! If the room you’re painting gets plenty of natural light and the trim is in high contrast with the dark wall color you’re considering, your room will not feel smaller.