Eco-Friendly, Sustainable House Painting Service Colorado

At Distinct Painting Company. we are committed to doing our part in protecting the environment.  It is all of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment in which we live.   We truly can make a difference one person at a time.  At DPC we uphold our promise by doing a few simple tasks like recycling our paint cans, any materials deemed recyclable, and all packaging materials.  We also recycle any renovation/remodeling materials like doors, windows, etc. through Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Any hazardous material like solvents, thinners, oils, varnishes, urethanes, etc. are properly contained, capped and recycled at the Larimer County Hazardous Waste Division. As painting contractors we feel we have an extra responsibility because of the nature of the products we use. We take that responsibility to heart and act accordingly.

If you have any concerns or questions: