1. EPA- Lead Certified – Professional Painting Contractors CO

    Did you know we are an EPA-Lead Certified Firm. This means that we are certified under the RRP ( Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule). This means that at Distinct Painting Company we know what we are doing and we love it! We would love to help you out with interior painting, exterior painting, sta…Read More

  2. Update your cabinets!

    Update your house! Did you know we can paint and finish your cabinets? Well, we can! Your house will have a clean and fresh new look after we are finished. Check out the beautiful cabinets that we painted, below! Distinct Painting Company specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, staining…Read More

  3. Distinct Painting Company – Exterior Painting

    We understand that Colorado has a variety of extreme temperatures which are constantly fluctuating throughout the year.  Therefore, we use only the Finest Exterior Paint Primers and Finishes formulated specifically for our climate and region.  In the prep phase of the project the entire house is i…Read More